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Making Your Own Collage

I truly feel that every approach to making a collage is "correct"; this is your time to explore and you get to go about it in whatever way feels right to you.

That being said, if you are looking for a place

to start and want a little guidance:

  • go through your pages/a magazine/an old book and pull out any images/words that you are immediately drawn to

                 try flipping through a magazine/book backwards,                   or even open it to a random page and see what

                 you find by chance​

  • once you have some base images/colors that feel inspiring, cut them out and see how they "play together"

                 using what quickly catches your eye may help

                 give you a jumping off point to look for more​

  • use scissors or other sharps to cut out people, words, objects, or shapes

Collage Art
20240512_130722 (1)_edited.jpg
  • try ripping pages up with your hands-- this can be very satisfying and can create intuitive shapes


  • feel free to add elements from around your house (fabric, photos, other magazines, newspaper, feathers, string, movie tickets, wrapping paper... the options are endless)


  • play with layering images on top of each other


  • move things around your page until you're ready to glue them

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