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Color Stain

meet the artist:
Heather Stearns


I'm motivated by two things: the earth and the people on it.

I am passionate about making art accessible through found/upcycled materials.  My goal is to create space in the community where people can explore their own intuition through this creative medium. 

As a child I was very drawn to ripping and cutting up magazines, which quickly became an essential creative outlet throughout my journey.  I obtained a BA in Creative Writing w/ a Concentration in Poetry and explored multiple different career paths before a near-death experience changed the course of my life.  After spending a couple years finding a way out of the darkness, I refocused my life to what had always called to me: collage art. 

Since pivoting towards healing through art, I have been commissioned for both public and private collectors, shown art in numerous galleries and venues, and have attended two artist residencies in Sanquhar, Scotland through Kolaj Magazine.  You can find me cutting, ripping, and gluing in White River Junction, VT.

I use collage art to process my human experience.


My art materials are comprised of items from yard sales, thrift stores, second-hand home repair stores, and things gifted to me before getting thrown away.


I do not custom print any images and only use what I find to create new works of art.


I rely on the energy of the universe to dictate the images/words I find and am inspired to create works that invoke a range of emotions.

Each work of art is original and unique.

Collage Art
Color Stain

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